What U Looking At ?

Khuri, Jan 2012

The family that I stayed with in Khuri had about thirty domestic goats and they were very friendly, but curious at the same time. They seemed pretty excited being on camera, posing and all that, but I still had a tough time getting them to be still for a steady shot in the low light. More often than not I would have them in my viewfinder one moment and then loose them the next. When i looked up to figure where they were, more often that not, they were up in my face and almost on verge of licking my lens :)

Most of them had deep glossy black fur which was very interesting to the eye but very hard to get a proper exposure of. I found the black and and white conversion more appealing than the original. As for the second photo, I loved the colors on him as it was one of the few rare ones with non glossy black fur. I was a bit surprised with the thickness of their hair/fur. You would normally not associate more hair/fur with an animal that lives practically in the desert.

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