Faces on the Street – Street Vendor, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, Jan 2012

Luck had a big role to play in this portrait. I don’t think I had more than two minutes to spare as we were waiting to catch our taxi to go to Khuri, when I popped in this vegetable market, saw this lady, thought to myself that she would make a very interesting portrait, went straight and gestured with my camera to see if she was Okay with me taking her pictures and she nodded to say it was fine. Sometimes you see a face and there is this unknown, sometimes indescribable (for my vocabulary, yours might differ) thing about them, like they have a presence. To me, she definitely felt like one of those !

I took the photo, thanked her and walked out, and all in less than two minutes. Sometimes you do get lucky !

34 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Street Vendor, Jaisalmer

    • I am glad you like it , but honestly in this portrait, I just happened to have a wonderful charismatic subject who gave a very comforting pose and it just all came together :)

    • Thank you Jai. I love to travel and for the past 2-3 years I have almost always had a camera while travelling. In fact I mostly photograph only during travel so they are quite interlinked :)

      and yes I am happy when I manage to get some photos that reminds me of the essence of the places I’ve travelled to.

    • This photograph is a good proof that human feelings and emotions are universal (as if that needed proof anyways :) . It clearly speaks out to a lot of people.

        • i love it. What I like most about it is its form factor, the analog aperture ring , almost silent operation perfect for use in street, which is what I have used it primarily for.The IQ, even at higher ISO’s (1600) is pretty good. It probably won’t be at par with the full frame sensors (i have a 5D2) especially for landscape though but that was not my goal. Oh and there are a few nuisances and quirkness (almost every review will talk about those). Manual focus is a joke for example, but so far these flaws haven’t bothered me too much. There is the X-Pro that came a week after I got mine :) and you should check that out too that allows interchangeable lens.

          • Thanks for the reply! Yes, it has it’s quirks but overall it sounds great! Respect to Fuji for shaking things up!

            • I agree and for me personally it’s form factor has helped get over some of the awkwardness I had when taking people pictures. If you have any other specific questions on this camera, feel free to drop me an email.

    • Thank you Gemma for dropping by. Glad you liked what you saw. I briefly looked at your blog (and published work) and will read more of it when time permits.

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