Albert Ekka Chowk, Ranchi, Jan 2012

situated in the heart of Ranchi (capital of the Jharkhand State and my hometown), it is also also commonly referred to as Firayalal Chowk. It was Named after the 1971 Param Veer Chakra (India’s highest military decoration award) winner Albert Ekka but most people refer to it as Firayalal Chowk because it is in front of Firayalal Store. This place brings back memories of growing up in the city and the soft-cone ice-cream  shop just underneath this vantage point !

18 thoughts on “Round-a-Bout

    • Thank you Anwar for dropping by and glad you like it. Driving can be crazy but come-on, it can’t be that difficult if a billion people (exaggeration) can do it, can it ;) ?

      • Ha! I think that’s the problem, the billion people driving, walking, riding bikes, etc… ;). I’d probably try it once, but every time I went to India, my parents just found some other way since they didn’t want to drive either.

        • I understand and I am not being serious when I say its not crazy :)

          if you have lived a major portion of your life outside India or even if u return back after a few years of driving in ‘civilized’ world, it can be intimidating.

  1. Certainly gives you a clear “picture” :) of the chaotic traffic!
    In Vietnam now where the moped/motorscooter/bike traffic is also insane.
    Love the images.

    • Thanks. You probably would find a lot of similarity in the chaotic traffic in this photograph and the traffic in the part of the world you are travelling right now. there is an order in spite of the chaos, and it takes some getting used to :)

    • Interesting observation Brandon. I guess the lighting at that time explains that – the background had more of the afternoon sunlight falling on it while the foreground was in a bit of shadows of the buildings on right.

    • Thanks Joanne. I played around with the sepia tone and it looked OK to me. the composition is more or less constrained by only ‘accessible’ vantage point although I did chose to ignore the sky in this one (washed out) to focus on the chaos and hustle-bustle rather.

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