Smoking Break!

Pottery Maker | Khuri | Jan 2012

I had been wanting to visit these skilled artisans (for them it is their livelihood) for the past few years. I did get a chance, although for a few brief hours but it got me excited. I enjoyed photographing them, trying to capture some aspect of their life that I was witness to. Someday I would like to do a small project on their lives. It got me thinking why is it that I (or you – the viewer) have this interest in the people whose lives we cannot fathom, whose lives are substantially distinct from ours. Are we searching for a connection, does it nourish us,  does it fulfill something in our hearts and mind, we can’t pin point to ?

Statutory Warning: Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health !

16 thoughts on “Smoking Break!

  1. I think you are onto something Abu. Your photos of people in their everyday lives are compelling. You have a special feel and vision that translates to wonderful photographs.

    • Thank you for your kind words David. I am glad you appreciate these photographs , as much as I enjoyed making these. I don’t know whether I am onto something yet, but I am enjoying this new phase very much. Being in the places that i was, allowed me a bit more freedom to overcome my social anxiety !

    • Thank you Kathryn. I hope you continue to keep your resolve.Maybe I should have put a statutory warning alongside :)

      Their is something mysterious and compelling about this image as this man took a break from his work to enjoy a puff or two. I am very pleased with having been around to capture this moment. Even though I don’t smoke it wasn’t hard to figure that he thoroughly enjoyed his break !

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