Back to work !

Potter Maker | Khuri | Jan 2012

The break is over, and work begins again but this time with the company of a puff or two !

8 thoughts on “Back to work !

    • that generalization would hold true most of the times but there are exceptions like this one. In this case whatever little color was on display was washed in unflattering mid-day light and the idea to try the conversion was born out of that limitation. At the end I liked how it came out better than the color version.

      Thank you Antonio for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed looking at the photos in your posts and will drop by for a more extended viewing later, when I have more time.

    • Thank you Lucy. He had character and I loved his attitude, some of which I think I managed to capture here

      one thing, I would change maybe, if I could, is to change the shutter speed and increase it a bit so as to show less exaggerated motion.Unfortunately that moment is gone now !

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