in the game!

Gully Cricket | Fort Jaisalmer | Jan 2012

Read here, if you are not familiar with Cricket and want to know more about it. It is the unofficial official sport of India and in some ways more than a sport – it is a national pastime :)

12 thoughts on “in the game!

  1. I have never really understood cricket – but haven’t tried either I have to admit – but I understand the beauty of this pictures. It captures one moment at the peak of its course. So much of the Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment in play here. I love the faded colours that reduces the palette to almost only two colours. Beautiful.

    • Thank you Munchow ! the color effect is the LR preset ‘Bleach ByPass’ which is something I have used previously with good results and as you rightly mention it is somewhere between the color and monochrome. I tried pure monochrome but it didn’t seem right, it was taking something away, I thought.

      Cricket can look a bit intimidating for the uninitiated but it is at its core a very entertaining sport. I wish I could explain it you during a Live Match :) which might help. the HCB’s decisive moment analogy is a bit over the top :) and your comment flatters me but I agree it is a moment which keeps everybody (including the people in the photograph) interested !

    • Lively was the last Indian tour down-under..this year’s was a disappointment :(
      but yes India and Australia have made for some interesting watching over the last few years and I hope they continue to do so. Australia seem to be moving towards becoming the force it was before it temporarily slumped for a while.

      Btw where are you based in Hunter Valley ? Last summer we did a car trip from Canberra to coff’s harbour along the Pacific Hwy and had a stay-over in New Castle and Port Stephens!

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