Faces on the Street – the temple sentinel

Jain Temple | Jaisalmer Fort | Jan 2012

A couple of year ago, while flipping through a magazine, I had stumbled upon a portrait of a holy man from Banaras. It was a beautiful portrait and since then I saw many versions of the same type of portrait. I am sure you all have seen that one time or the other. I guess, it became one of those things every visitor to India wants to cross in his ‘to-be-photographed’ check list. Over time it assumes symbolic importance. The moment I saw this man, sitting on the entrance to one of the Jain Temples inside Jaisalmer Fort, I was instantly reminded of the same photograph and I knew I had to do my part and cross-check this one. He was very comfortable in front of the camera and I am sure very used to people making similar requests. I won’t be surprised if an exhaustive search of  Jaisalmer Photos would show him up frequently.

10 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – the temple sentinel

    • one of my favorite portraits. Glad u liked it and thank you for sharing :)

      it is probably just me, but on close inspection I feel like there is a bit of color cast (pink) , either from reflected lights or improper White-balance, something I saw only after I posted but was lazy to process again. I should do that one of these days :)

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