Faces on the Street – Jama masjid

Jama Masjid | Old Delhi | Jan 2012

On an unrelated note, I watched a 6-part series called ‘The Story of India’  by Michael Wood this weekend and found it very engaging and colorful. Highly recommended for somebody not familiar with the history and wanting to learn more of it. I thought I knew most of it and yet was surprised and fascinated :)

You can grab it for free online viewing if you are on NetFlix. here’s a link to more info on this documentary with a teaser video : http://www.pbs.org/thestoryofindia/


10 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Jama masjid

    • Thank you Mufidah for taking the time to go through my photos and leaving your wonderful comments. Glad you found some time finally :)
      India trip is old memory now but going through them and posting as and when I can, takes me back in time. As you probably know, this is my usual modus operandi as most of my photographic endeavors happen in bursts , mostly during vacation trips. Perhaps some day I can be more regular in taking photos as well and street photography is a very good motivation.

  1. great shot and composition. Your name is Abu, is that correct? It is nice to have a nmae that I can connect to the blog.i will check out the Netflix doc, thanks for the tip.

    • oh he has done a marvelous job, especially considering the complexities involved, from the script, to the logistics ! I would be curious to find out more about his other works

    • I think u’ve heard right…its a place u will love in some ways and hate in other :)
      and the best way to figure that out would be when u go in person ..

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