Faces on the street – Jaisalmer ’tilak’

Jaisalmer Fort | Jan 2012

an early morning walk in the Jaisalmer Fort was another opportunity to grab a few portraits, a bit discreet this time (using a telephoto). This man appeared to be the boss in-charge, directing a group of men, working on repairing a section of the road/street. Looking at this photograph, I cant seem to figure out what he might be doing or saying to his men at this given instant.

12 thoughts on “Faces on the street – Jaisalmer ’tilak’

    • you are right and there is a bit of mystery in that expression, it is not clear (to me atleast) what to make of that expression. I guess this is where a still photograph can have an edge over video. That one moment in time, in isolation, is frozen forever !

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