Faces on the street – Jaisalmer Shopkeeper

Shop Owner | Jaisalmer | Jan 2012

Being (and looking like) a tourist can sometimes work in your favor. I also had an advantage of being in a place where people are comfortable with other people pointing cameras at them. This guy, presumably the owner of the shop, was enjoying an evening, sitting outside his shop and readily agreed when I pointed my camera meaning to take his portrait.

Work has taken a toll on my posting frequency and it might continue to have a strangle-hold for the next few weeks. On a totally unrelated note, I watched a movie recently,Touching the Void, and liked it very much so much so that it has made it to my internal list of favorite movies (which keeps changing). It is an amazing story, especially if you are interested in mountaineering (but don’t worry if you aren’t) . I will most likely give spoilers if I say anything more so if you can get your hands on it, do watch it. You will get something out of it, I can assure you :)

14 thoughts on “Faces on the street – Jaisalmer Shopkeeper

  1. I totally agree with what most have said about the foreground interest, the smiling man, and the boy in the background. You have an amazing eye for catching that interesting details in all your photos.

    • The boy in the background is serendipity, a discovery made post capture but you raise an interesting point which is we love to discover and be stimulated. Our minds take pleasure in discovering things not so immediately obvious (just like your post of the foliage and the hidden man). This and many more such thoughts can be used to construct a good photograph :)

  2. This is a great portrait Abu. I like how there is so much going on around him…meaning his wares, the boy in the background etc. He has a great smile and even the boy in the photo seems happy. Well done!

  3. I specially like the boy in the background. Together with him, the portrait tells a story. But – sorry for this “but” -, but the composition of the picture is not working in my eyes. Centering the main object is difficult. This is always a problem while taking pictures intuitively in the streets. I know this from my experience very well …

    • I see what you mean and I can see that centring does seem to dull the experience here. I should have taken some time to get a better composition. Will keep in mind . thank you for your comment

  4. Lovely portrait, he looks so relaxed and very friendly. It makes a big difference when people feel so comfortable in front of a camera, especially if the camera is being held by a tourist!
    By the way, I like that movie too, especially because the story took place in Perú, my homeland. The Andes are magnificent but I’m the type of person who enjoys seeing them from a bit far away.

    • :) that makes two of us but I would like to do a 2k feet climb if not a 20k climb some day in my life !

      terrific movie..had me thinking the whole weekend and then more.

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