New-born Calf | Khuri | Jan 2012

early morning light on this baby who is being showered some motherly love.

19 thoughts on “newborn

    • Thank you. that is a beautiful description and when I think back, the scene was calm literally as well (very minimal physical movement – often associated with cows) although you meant it more on a figurative manner i suppose

  1. Aww, so cute. Love the composition. The plays of shadows and light. The negative space on the left also brings attention to the intricate border or window in the background. The stepping stone on the bottom, is that three pieces of wood on top? I love the picture!

    • the light was indeed the player here and by some strange fortune falling at just the right angle and place..I think the young one being in the light while the mother being in some of shadow makes it more interesting than if both were in the light or the shadow.

      as for your question, i would think yes, but It is hard to tell for sure. I will take a look at the color version (don’t have it with me right now) and get back to you

    • I am glad that this photograph evoked emotions in you and that is something I consider more important than technique or skill. Thank you for your word of encouragement !

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