sculpted walls, Jain Temples of Jaisalmer Fort

wall sculpture on Jain Temples | Jaisalmer Fort | Jan 2012

Rajasthan has quite a few of the Jain temples, the most famous of them found in Dilwara (Mount Abu). This photograph is from a section of a wall of the Jain temple inside the Fort Complex at Jaisalmer. Pretty amazing when you consider that these date back to between 12th and 15th century. These sculptures and exquisite carvings are a reflection of India’s glorious past, rich in history and art and civilization. Like most of the architecture in Jaisalmer, these temples are carved of yellow sandstones. I chose black and white instead, to focus on the intricate carvings and rich details here !

16 thoughts on “sculpted walls, Jain Temples of Jaisalmer Fort

    • Thank you. A Full frontal view can sometimes be bland and loses the depth so your observation is spot on. I might have not resorted to this, had I not been constrained by the fact that that was the only vantage point (stairs go down and then it will be frontal but looking up and the space is tight too meaning you won’t be able to capture much)

    • It is indeed fascinating that some of the best architectural wonders around the world were once influenced by Religion (cathedrals, temples, mosques, to name just a few).

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