idyll moment

idyllic rural Moment, reading in the winter Sun | Khuri | Jan 2012

Having spent the first three days of our Rajasthan Vacation running helter-skelter, trying to soak in everything, see and do everything ( sounds familiar ?  isn’t this is true for most of us naive tourists visiting a new place, even though we all know it is an impossible task).

We spent the last day however, in a small village and decided to take it easy and just relax, sit out in the sun, read a book , eat and basically do nothing :) . I found that years and years of life in fast pace had me quite uncomfortable with a contrarian lifestyle like this, which was amusing , surprising and a bit disturbing. I need a few more of those days in my life.

10 thoughts on “idyll moment

    • I am glad you liked it and more than that, kind enough to let me know. It’s a photograph that always relaxes me in this fast paced thing we call life :)

  1. Me too – it sounds bliss! Then again you can’t go somewhere like Rajasthan and not run around like a headless chicken trying to see everything at least for a few days.

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