afternoon light on my glasses | Ranchi | Jan 2012

nothing significant here, just  the afternoon light and shadows playing with the glasses.

Have a photo submission deadline for a photo-book coming up. I have a lot of digging up to do, to come up with the final three selected photos, from my archives. Without giving you the convenience of having a filtered list to select from , or even a list (in one place) for that matter, if you still have any suggestions, anything you saw on my blog and pops out,  do let me know. I would love to hear . In matters like these, gut feeling and heart usually wins over reasoning , and my final decision at such selections usually can at best be described as arbitrary, I would still love to know if there is a populist vote on any of the photos.
and oh ! the portraits (almost but not all ) are auto rejections, as they require a model release. I only have a  few models who gave me the releases :(

13 thoughts on “shadows

  1. Photo book?? Good going Abu. Don’t forget about any of the picture lake series and the first photo I saw of yours. Last summer days. I saw that one and thought to myself and shared with my wife…”This guy is good. I like his vision”

    • its an annul competition David. Every person can submit up to 3 photos but only one of those three will be selected in first round. I like the Picture Lake series but it is a very common theme (and as I mentioned one of the most photographed scene) especially here in PNW. But Last of the summer days is a strong composition and one of my favorites too. Thank you for reminding and for your kind words :)

    • Thank you for reminding me of that ruby beach picture. I had almost forgot about it. the lighting that evening was magical and the photo of the stack did come out very well.

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