bada bagh chhatries (cenotaphs)

Royal Cenotaph | Jaisalmer | Jan 2012

When you come back from the city of Jaisalmer and look at your photographs, especially if includes a lot of architecture (forts, palaces, cenotaphs, temples) don’t be surprised if honey and golden hues dominate the theme.

These 16th century cenotaphs are not very far from the city and the architecture is a blend of Paliwal, Mughal and Rajput style of architecture. The light was a bit harsh by the time we reached, but like i said, you can always find the golden hue, if you looked carefully :)

technical info : used a 24 mm TS-E lens shifted to avoid converging verticals . The only other wider lens I had was a 16 mm lens (without shift) which would have given a wider angle but not the shifting that is kind of useful here.

16 thoughts on “bada bagh chhatries (cenotaphs)

  1. Beautiful photo and a marvel in architecture. After all this time, these structures are still standing. A lasting testament of its people, history and grand heritage.

    • Thank you , some buildings are indeed surviving but we are also loosing many for neglect or vandalism or the needs of the increasing population.

  2. Fantastic photo! It just amazes me how these ancient structures were built. The people that built these really understood the materials and tools at hand. The carvings are beautiful!

    • Thanks David and you make an interesting point. Architecture of those days ( all around the world , in different civilizations) perhaps was much more elegant and aesthetic (with primitive tools) compared to now. As a race we are probably past peak when it comes to beauty in buildings, even though we are constantly improving in feats of engineering marvel.

    • Thank you Kathryn. the light was getting a bit harsher by this time, so I am glad I found this angle which brings out some of the details and color in back lighting.

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