g(re)enie in a bottle

Industrial decay | Ranchi, Jharkhand | Jan 2012

Visiting a small cottage based factory that made glass bulb (or more accurately, used to make ) I had found some interesting subjects, that were in decay and made a few shots. This bottle with the liquid probably had been lying in the same state for many years.

Work has taken a toll and I have been terribly behind schedule with my posts lately. I hope to be able to get back soon on my usual frequency . Would not want my blog posts (and photography) suffer the same decay as this bottle did :)

14 thoughts on “g(re)enie in a bottle

  1. A gorgeous photograph, Abu. And I know how hard it is to keep up with regular posts — I’ve only managed two in the last 6 weeks or so. And keeping up with other people’s posts is tricky, too!

    • Thanks Mufidah. It is getting harder to keep up with the posts and especially if I am out for 2-3 days , the backlog piles up and response becomes super slow.

      But that is how it is. Have to live with it because at the end it is still to interesting to keep up with what everybody is up to :)

  2. Very atmospheric. I love the lines of the blanks drawing you into the picture (and it doesn’t hurt to take a break from something from time to time and come back with renewed energy!).

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