Faces on the street – Gadisar Lake

Saadhu | Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer | Jan 2012

another example of when just asking an interesting subject might result in them agreeing readily. He seemed someone who had seen a lot of cameras :)

7 thoughts on “Faces on the street – Gadisar Lake

    • he was.. my fiddling with camera (accidentally had wrong settings and it took 2-3 shots to get it back right) did make him a little impatient but it also got his smoke out.

    • Thanks Bente… I am sure Norway (assuming that is what you refer to as ‘here), its people and its customs would seem equally interesting to an outsider (like me), but your familiarity with it might have made you think otherwise :)

      I will admit though that my familiarity with social norms of India, helped me a bit with approaching some subjects, during this trip. That and culturally people here are more easily approachable, but other than that, I believe the art of people photography and finding interesting portraits is universal. I am still a novice in this area but I do realize that is requires certain social skills that doesn’t come naturally to me and so I have to work harder at it. I think you might have to keep working on it too and then it starts getting interesting :)

    • He did ..unfortunately he was in a hurry and so was I , so we didn’t get time to talk much, but I am glad he readily accepted my request. I had a bad setting change on my camera (specific shutter speed set) from a previous photo and wasted 2-3 under exposed shot before realizing my mistake. He didn’t complain although his patience was giving way and while he was waiting for me to get my setting right , he lighted his cigarette…on hindsight not bad for this photo at all :)

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