Ginko Petrified Forest, WA | May 2012

This is a long exposure shot using an ND Filter in broad daylight.

I had been meaning to experiment with the 64x (8 stop) ND Filter on subjects other than moving water, for a while and last weekend, the conditions seemed to come together (almost) to give it a try. The wind was particularly very strong (which caused the blur in the tree branches) and the sky had both the clouds that would move in a long exposure as well as blue to add the dash of color. The ND Filter was used to to force the exposure from within a fraction of a second into a couple of seconds.

I need to work on finding a more cleaner subject for this experiment to explore more on the same theme.

9 thoughts on “dreamscape

  1. Really interesting shot! I’ve been experimenting with longer exposures too, but at night. I imagine in daylight it is much more challenging, but the effects are so unique and visually interesting.

    • Thanks ! long exposure at night is equally interesting although I haven’t yet experimented much there, except a few cityscape at night. It has its own challenges and the primary difference there is getting ambient light is more challenging (unless you control lighting or get into specialized star trails and ultra long exposures).

      if you have not read Troy Paiva’s books, you might find it interesting: http://lostamerica.com/books/

    • I think the key here is isolating the subjects – having distinct movable and immovable elements…so that is going to be the focus in future attempts.

      Glad you liked it. Thank you Jane !

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