girl on the road

Road trip, Central Oregon, July 2012

the wind farms and the storm clouds building up made the ingredients needed for some dramatic landscapes.  But then you discover that more can be done especially with the right subject available and ready to pose :)

As I mentioned before, I am trying to add more of the ‘road’ pics during the road trips I take, ever since I realized I did not have that many photographs to show for it. a compact camera – Fuji X100, allowed me to compose and shoot quickly here.

Update: I couldn’t decide between the color and B&W versions initially and uploaded the color version but then removed it in favor of this one. To see both, click on the photo and it shows up both versions.

18 thoughts on “girl on the road

  1. That’s a brilliant photo. And yeah, the B&W rocks. Reminds me of a still from a Jim Jarmusch film, such as Stranger Than Paradise or Down By Law…

    • Hey, thanks first of all for visiting and sharing your perspective. I haven’t seen either of those movie , but if and when I do, I will (have to) watch carefully to see what scene you are referring to :)

      • You’re welcome. Have you gotten into the Willamette Valley, or seen our coast? That’s where our state shines.

        • a little bit. many summers ago I drove from Seattle to the Crater Lake and drove a bit on the 101. The Gorge area makes for a good day trip.

          I do plan to visit the coast and photograph it when I can make some time . Let me know if you have any specific recommendations (something relatively less crowded ,cannon beach was too touristy :)

          • Awesome. I’d recommend Neskowin if you want a beach that’s less touristy. Pacific City is pretty touristy these days, but Cape Kiwanda is worth seeing there anyways, especially if you’re willing to climb up the side of the dune to the top.

  2. Beautiful shot. I don’t know … I really like both the color and B&W. But I think the B&W is stronger. She stands out much more and the lines of her legs and the lines in the road are stark and interesting. Also, I think the colors are filled in by the viewers experience and imagination. I love the car on the side of the road!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jennifer , especially about why you liked the B&W version more. I agree with you that some of the components (and probably the more critical ones) here are more emphasized in the B&W version.

      I am also glad that you like the car being included in the probably counterbalance the main subject, in a way.

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