Earthscape # Painted Hills

another instance of nature’s playground or more precisely – nature’s painting palette in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Central Oregon.

The shapes, contours and colors of these Hills make for many interesting compositions. Also a different time of the day or month or year would each impart unique colors. Generally speaking, the colors are super saturated during the later half of the day and a bit muted during the early part of the day. I tried capturing it in different lighting conditions throughout the day  and while I still go through my cache, for now, I liked this version (a bit muted as you will see once you compare with the evening version).

10 thoughts on “Earthscape # Painted Hills

  1. Very cool image! It’s hard to get a sense of scale. It could me a massive hillside hundreds of feet tall with small scrub trees at the base or it could be a hillside slightly taller than a house. Well done and I like the muted colors!!!!

    • its a successful abstract then if the scale is unknown :)

      I think the scrubby bush are deceptive….some of them can be mistaken for trees and they add to ambiguity !

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