Painted landscape

while the Painted Hills are no doubt very photogenic, it can be a bit of a challenge to compose with wide angled lenses, adding foreground elements. Wild flowers make very interesting foreground but you have to make it in early spring to get them in your frame . This is one of the few wide-angled, non close-up, non abstract composition shot from the Overlook Trail on a cloudy morning. Overnight rains helped pop out the colors even though the light wasn’t co-operating !

technical tidbit: I took this hand-held with my compact camera at a setting that wasn’t very smart – 1/240th of a second at ISO 1600. For the same exposure, I should have rather gone at a slower shutter speed (1/60th) and used a more cleaner ISO 400. (and we are not going to talk about  my tripod lazily lying in the trunk of my car less than 100 feet away)

12 thoughts on “Painted landscape

    • Thanks ! I would say more central than south east. But to be precise, try locating Mitchell OR on the map which is a few miles south of Painted Hills and you will know exactly

    • Thank you Kathryn.

      In hindsight, I too like this version a lot more as compared to Velvia saturated versions in good summer light (not sorted out yet and to be uploaded). That was not the case when I took them. At that point i was kind of disappointed with the cloud cover at sunrise and flat lighting.

      the ISO rant was if I ever decide to print this big, ISO 400 would have been cleaner..Oh well !

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