waterscape# cape kiwanda

First of all thank you James for recommending this place.  An excellent photo-op especially for sunset. The sunny weather this weekend made us decide to drive down the coast. We started late and then had to compete with the traffic all along. I had underestimated the traffic on 101 and hence we couldn’t drive much further south.

I was a bit late in scouting and finding this exact spot. Part of that delay was also the late realization that the warning sign and the fence that had to be crossed over to get here was invisible to everybody but me :) would love to visit again and photograph, and hopefully this time before the sun goes down !

22 thoughts on “waterscape# cape kiwanda

  1. I second Saad Solaiman, This is sweet. And a congratulations is in order.
    Hope you don’t mind my asking, but what glass and software do you use? Not that I could do the same with similar gear, I’m just curious.

    • I have used a canon 24 TS-E II lens (or the 16-35 II) here. On second thoughts it is most likely the 24 mm. I do not have the exif handy and kind of lazy to double check right now. An ND filter (Singh Ray Vari-ND most likely, as again I have that as well as a fixed 6 stop Hoya ND filter and I use one or the other based on the conditions) is also employed here. As for Software, Lightroom suffices for 95% of the things I need to do now, but I had very modest beginnings. I used GIMP for quite a while (almost the first year and half of my blog)and it did a pretty good job. I have also played with the trial versions of Nik Silver Effex Pro , Viveza and Photomatix Pro.

    • Hey thanks much for dropping by and I’m glad you liked it :) … you have a pretty interesting blog yourself that I will go through as soon as I can !

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    • yeah we decided to drive down out of a whim on Saturday. I also checked out Neskowin. Both looked very promising but since I had just one sunset for now, I chose Kiwanda over Neskowin.

      interestingly this is a pretty common spot for photographers as I found out later when I came back and searched :)

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