waterscape# cape kiwanda (turbulence)

While experimenting with long exposure of the waves (using ND filters) I also shot a version without it, that conveys a slightly more violent mood of the storms, hitting the sandstone bluff at Cape Kiwanda. A 0.8 seconds exposure (while still relatively slow) renders a very different look and feel than the 25 second exposure (check that version in color here ) !

There was not much that color was adding so I did the conversion to something close to a monochrome.

10 thoughts on “waterscape# cape kiwanda (turbulence)

    • I am glad i didn’t get too caught up in going for the long exposure (just because I could – with the ND filter) and tried the versions without the filter – this has happened before too… the important thing is to experiment and figure out when to use a tool (and equally importantly when not to).

      Thanks for dropping by !

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