inferno !

long exposure of the surf and wave, with the camera panned left to right keeping one plane fixed on tripod. monochrome version makes the result a bit more abstract and subject to viewer’s interpretation. What did you imagine this to be (if you saw before you read) ?


Here is a different take with a bias towards the blues ….



14 thoughts on “inferno !

  1. Oh these are beautiful. I am bringing my tripod to the beach! Just have to make sure I use it. I would have thought the first one was greasy fur with the light hitting part of it, maybe on a wild animal, the thick, winter kind of fur.

    • Thanks Jennifer. Yeah do carry your tripod but remember that it will be hard to get long exposures in bright conditions unless you use a ND filter or something to block light. Evenings and mornings will give you more leeway. Have fun !

  2. Interesting shot. With no knowledge of how you took it I would have guessed flowing water. For me, I think i would need the colour ‘red’ to suggest your title. It would be interesting to see what a little colour manipulation could do.

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