Lone tree, Painted Hills

the idea for this photograph is copied from my wife, well sort of :)

we were on the Overlook trail with my wife walking ahead of me, clicking photos with her camera (which, according to her, takes better portraits than my camera and all my lenses combined) and all of a sudden she came running back , excited, showing me what a prize composition she had found and that I should check it out too. I did and she had indeed captured the lone tree beautifully and so I tried my version too. I did vary the angle a bit , getting a bit of the Painted Hills  on the left side of the frame (wider than the 24 mm I had then, should have got more of it ) and simplifying the sky a bit – but the core of it is pretty much inspired by her photo !

17 thoughts on “Lone tree, Painted Hills

  1. very pleasing composition. My friends are often pointing out scenes to me to take a shot of i take it as a compliment because they expect it to be good. Glad you credited your wife for the shot it is good to share that time together if both can enjoy the journey.

    • Thank you Jane…. I’ve had that happen sometimes with friends too.. there is a flip side to it which can be funny sometimes. I recall this incident when I was shooting (or rather trying to shoot) discreet street candids in India and right when I was ready to shoot,had the subject unaware in an interesting moment, my friend who hadn’t seen me make a move, would see the subject and point it out, only to have the subject distracted by the movement or noise ! well meaning help, not really helping then :)

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