dabbling in portraits – strobing !

strobe lighting , Bellevue Botanic Gardens, July 2012

I had been gravitating towards strobing and playing with lighting setup for a while now and after being on the fence for a while, have finally jumped in with some beginner’s equipment (some DIY, some borrowed, some stolen – I am just kidding, some bought). This one is just one light (a 430 EX II through a shoot-through umbrella ) on the left with a 1/2 CTO Gel to get some warmth in the light. I am still getting a hang on this thing so all feedback and critique, especially on lighting is welcome !

8 thoughts on “dabbling in portraits – strobing !

  1. lovely portrait and like the warm glow of the soft lighting but I am ignorant so far of how to do all this. What is DYI-could you possibly take photos of the equipment so that I can picture what you have used?

    • Thanks Jane…. I meant to say DIY (short for do it yourself) … some of the lighting gear is really costly while you can , if you had the time and patience , create them yourself at a fraction of the cost. good examples would be reflector and diffusers.

      Sure, I will try to put up photos of my setup in future posts!

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