Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer, Jan 2012

Patwon ki Haveli (which refers to a mansion) is private and family owned but open to public viewing between certain times each day. It is a wonderful place to go and see the remnants of a tradition that is a few centuries old.

The dark interiors makes photographing them hard unless you have a tripod. I had to bump up the ISO to 1600 on the Fuji X100 to get this hand-held.

On a complete unrelated Note, I’m looking for a Lee 10 stop ND Filter (also referred to as the Bit Stopper) – you can check the details here and it is back ordered here in the US (with one of the online stores having an ETA upto 6 months :) . Just wondering if folks in Europe have this available locally. I would be more than willing to work out some kind of a workable transaction (paypal , perhaps ? ) to get this sooner rather than wait 6 months. Would appreciate some help here :). Anybody ?

6 thoughts on “Patwon Ki Haveli

    • Thanks David. Re: X100, it is a small toy that does pack a punch :) most importantly it is with me when I need one..

      Re: Big stopper, i finally realized that the lack of that filter is why my photography is limited … no i am just kidding. a piece of welding glass also works in the right hands ..

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