earthscape #sand delta

ephemeral sand deltas at low tide, Ruby Beach, Aug 2012

the call of the Washington coastline , feeble and muted for most parts, still beckons you, especially when the mercury rises, as it did this Weekend with what should be the warmest day of the year (almost touched 90 F) in these parts. The roads were a mess and a late start meant, all the more crowd. We witnessed at least three accidents on I-5 Freeway within a 75 mile span, with one of them looking pretty serious with a motorbike smashed on the road. Later read on news of the reports of somebody having seen a man on an overpass bridge shooting (or waving perhaps) at the passing cars on the Freeway ! What’s going on ? I thought Mad Max series was fictional !

Anyways coming back to the subject, I had witnessed an interesting sunset at Ruby Beach, almost exactly a year ago and that was the goal in this trip too but low tides revealed a world of intricate patterns and deltas formed by sand and retreating mud pools, plenty to keep me busy !

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