Coastal Landscapes:Ruby#3

I read somewhere that the best light to photograph is not actually the sunset but 30 minutes post sunset (and correspondingly before sunrise as well). Now that is a theory that needs to be verified but for some reason or the other,I’ve ended up photographing the Ruby Beach seascapes usually after the sun as actually set (the big spherical ball has sunk into the sea). The transition between before sunset and after sunset is actually quite swift and I have been found wanting in my preparation for it. I have used a Graduated Neutral Density Filter here to stop light on the sky portion of the composition. The sea-stack is hence rendered a silhouette. Exposure time is 1.6 seconds and I’ve not tried to go slower (did not have a dry place to keep my bag and take out the ND filter. I also liked the smooth folds being created by the retreating wave at this exposure time. any slower and it would have smoothed out and lost the shape)

Here is a monochrome version of the same beach from last year.

24 thoughts on “Coastal Landscapes:Ruby#3

    • Thanks Brandon ! the ripple effect was pure coincidence…there was a sweet spot of the exposure time and anything longer or shorter wasn’t working very well

    • I believe my perception and vision has definitely got better with time but I am very happy to hear that you see that translating into my work. Thank you for your constant encouragement Mufidah !

  1. You’ve done it again Abu…another fabulous photograph! I like that you did not make the exposure any longer. Sometimes the “dreamy” effect gets over done. This rendition is just right. One of our goals is to see and maybe even move to the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime keep our dream alive by showing images like this!

    • I agree…i tend to go above board with the water smoothing sometimes myself :) each situation requires a different approach and a vision shaping what tool to use is always better than a tool shaping our visions !

      I hope your dream of moving to this neck of the woods materializes and turns out much more than what you expected !

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