More Palouse

This was shot during one of the many trips to the Palouse region (some more here ) and it was a day when the clouds and sun were playing hide and seek. It has been quite an unusually long long break from my usual posting frequency and I don’t know why but hopefully it will change pretty soon for I do have many a unprocessed photos yet.

Talking about landscape and outdoors, I ran across this video shot of the Subaru Outback and kind of like it. In fact I am considering upgrading to a car like this which hopefully can take me (more) to places I want to go. What do you guys (and gals :)) trust for those long trips in the outdoors ?

23 thoughts on “More Palouse

  1. This is fantastic!!! I’m partial to a Jeep for getting around outdoors in the back country or bad weather. We have two Liberty’s and I used to own a Cherokee. Best vehicles I’ve ever owned.

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