Khuri – badal House

Badal House, Khuri, Jan 2012

One of the best decisions during our short trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan was to spend two nights at Khuri, to stay at the cosy and homely Badal House and sleep in this primitive hut (second best – nothing can beat the experience of sleeping out in the desert, beneath the stars). My room happens to be the one the cat is sleeping in front of :)

We were glad to have chosen this over staying at a resort or hotel. Other than the experience, which is priceless, you get homemade food (the same food that the Badal family cook and eat) made from home or village grown food, milk and yoghurt from the home raised goats. If you are planning a trip to that part of India, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get away from the chaos of the city and spend a few days here. Ping me if you want more details as Mr Badal does not have a fancy website to book from and yet he is very much in demand thanks to the old-fashioned word of mouth technique :)

4 thoughts on “Khuri – badal House

  1. It really seems that this is a better option than staying in a hotel. I would like to try this when I visit Rajasthan, which is hopefully soon. Would you mind sharing how much is this kind of accommodation? And how to get in touch with the owner in case I want to book it.

    • Oh it was a bargain. It was ~ Rs 300 (~6 US$) for the night which included 3 home cooked meals ! we were kind of embarrassed to hear his charge at the end !

      send me an email at abuzar.79@gmail dot com and I will pm you his contact info.

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