portrait of a girl

Portrait of a Girl, Bellevue, July 2012

lighting notes: natural light, if used correctly, is sometimes all you need. Always a good idea to check that before adding extra lights/strobes (I was planning to play with multiple strobes/flash that evening). Here the sunlight (slanting, as is close to sunset) lit up the left of the face nicely (adds just a subtle highlight to accentuate the cheek bones). More often than not, subtle light produces more pleasing outcome than blasting all the light you have. As for the right side of the face, which was in the shadows, I had the model hold the reflector (at arm’s length and cropped here) to catch the same light and reflect it back onto where it was needed !

2 thoughts on “portrait of a girl

  1. Abu, this is really well done!!! You utilized the natural light perfectly! Back light on the hair and a touch of front light on the face. It is a very warm and natural portrait!!

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