the drizzle

Bellingham, WA, Nov 2012

Q: What do you call two straight days of rain in Seattle?
A: a weekend

a cliched joke in this ‘neck of the woods’, but how very aptly describes this past weekend . Jokes apart, I think Seattle weather is much more maligned than it deserves. the summer this year and the number of sunny days were both extraordinaire and now it is time to put all that in memory, take a rainy and hopefully snowy break and await the next iteration (folks in southern hemisphere or the tropics – you can ignore this)

6 thoughts on “the drizzle

  1. Beautiful image. I think it’s a bit too heavy on the right edges, though, especially in the corners. I think you could crop it just a bit, or maybe vignette the left side to give it more balance. The focusing effect is lovely.

    • thank you for your feedback Jennifer. I can see now what you are referring to. so the cropping here is a bit tricky, you see, the top right is the car inside which is darker and I did not want to lose the branches on the top left (which gives a natural frame and would otherwise be lost by the cropping). Let me play around a bit more to see what we can do here

      Re the focus, I have tried to keep the droplets on windshield in focus and used a large aperture (f/2) to try and throw the tree and external out of focus. I say ‘tried to’ because manual focusing while hand holding a small camera, isn’t very precise.

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