salt pan, Badwater


The Salt Pans at Badwater is an excellent landscape (and abstract) photo-op in Death Valley and like most locations in this Valley, this place is huge which requires a bit of scouting ahead of time to get the most optimal lighting condition, foreground (right salt pan in this case) and backgrounds. It is primarily touted as a sunset photo-op and I had about half an hour to find some interesting foreground before the light disappeared. I am a little disappointing at the best I could find in the given time and have made a point to self to try and better the salt pan pattern, in any future visit here. Another point to note is that the salt pan should take on different shapes and regularity in different seasons and if there is a predictable pattern to it.

6 thoughts on “salt pan, Badwater

  1. Abu Zar! I summon you to world’s exhibition!!! Your photographs are so stunning, sublime and unforgettable. I have been lazy at visiting you, should hit my head a few times for lacking time to visit your wondrous galaxy!
    Beautiful shot, indeed! Cheers.

    • :)

      Thank you Shaheen. you are very kind so don’t be so hard on yourself. I am glad you like my photographs and it doesn’t matter when you get a chance to visit.

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