portrait,lighting – window lighting


window Light Portrait – 50 1.2L, Winter 2012

I’ve been experimenting with using light modifiers and strobes for portraits (mostly outdoors as in environmental portraits) for the past several months. The story behind this image is after about 20-30 photos outside, with various different lighting setup, the best photo was yet to come and it came when I least expected it. If my memory serves me correct, this image is taken without any flash , with just the window acting as a light source. You can blame the Seattle weather as much as you want, but you have to accept the fact that the quality of light is just awesome for portraits :)

also, move the camera/lens from your eye level perspective once in a while. It sounds so obvious and natural, but execution is what will give you interesting perspectives and photographs , even with known subjects !

4 thoughts on “portrait,lighting – window lighting

  1. I can’t afford artificial lighting so am happy to hear this is available light from the window. Nice soft lighting .Your wife is a beautiful model.I also like the narrow DOF.i like the colours of the background and the fur.

    • thanks Jane. f/2 aperture helps with the narrow DoF and I was pleasantly surprised at the backdrop (pillow) myself considering how much cluttered it was, but i was able to leave them all out of the frame

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