visitor, Khuri


winter morning, Khuri, Rajasthan Jan 2012

an idyllic village scene from the trip to Jaisalmer and Khuri last winter. The inspiration to post this photo now came after i saw this video of a photo project – rural moments, I had seen a couple of years ago and had loved it then and found out I still do.

19 thoughts on “visitor, Khuri

  1. This is one of those photos that’s absolutely perfect in every way. The contrast of light and dark and textures, concentrated by the removal of colour; the harmonious placement of every element in the picture; and the serenity of a moment which is probably quite ordinary to some people, yet so exotic to others from different parts of the world.
    I could stare at this picture for hours.

    • “a moment which is probably quite ordinary to some people, yet so exotic to others from different parts of the world”

      — yes you have very well express the impact travel and photos from diverse cultures have. Ever since I moved out, travelling back to India now means so much more to me and I see it with very different eyes now.

      • It’s nice when you can get a little idea of how foreigners see your country, isn’t it? When I go back to England now I stop to drink in certain scenes that I scarcely noticed when I lived there.
        Do you live in America now? I noticed you have posted lots of gorgeous photos of the South West, which is one of my favourite places on this planet. When I went there I just didn’t want to leave, ever.

        • yes, I live in Seattle (Pacific North West) now, but I do travel a bit, chasing the photographic icons and locations made famous by other photographers, some prior and some contemporary. On an average I do make at least one trip to the Southwest every year. It is a special place especially for its myriad and varied landscape photography op(something I’ve successfully managed to fool myself into thinking that I am/aspire to be :). I can definitely relate to, when you mention it is one of your favorite places. Which parts of the South West did you get a chance to explore ?

          I think we all seek a bit of something we don’t have easy access to. I would love to spend a few weeks (if not more) exploring and photographing Scottish (the wild and rugged parts) and the english countryside :)

          • I spent about 3 months in the South West and saw many places. The part I loved most of all was Canyonlands National Park, and all the area around Sedona. The colours of the landscape, and the changing lighting throughout the day, created intense images that seared themselves into my memory. I’ve never seen the moon look so big or the stars so clear. I also loved Monument Valley, the Painted valley, the petrified forest and basically the whole of Arizona!

            I think you’d love Scotland. The heather colours entire mountains pink and purple, and the sky does quite amazing things at different times of day, so I think you could get some of the richly coloured and unusual landscape photos that seem to be a trademark of yours.
            The English landscape is less dramatic but more cuddly. I’d recommend the Cotswolds, if you do make it there. That’s where you see 400-year-old cottages half drowning in climbing roses, dotted about the landscape, and some quite unusual personalities walking about too.

  2. Great photo in B&W.

    I think, this is a common sight in our country. Recently I saw a cow standing at the door step of a big general store with her head inside focused somewhere. Hehehe. I wanted to capture it, but the bus I was in moved just then.

  3. I´v been there myself back in 2006 and this picture evoques good memories, ones that I relate to a time outside our time… a mythical sense of the primordial state of comunal life. I don´t know how much time it will stay that way. I can only say this: The memories of that journey seem to get more intense, insted of fading away…
    Thanks for bringing all that back, Abu.

    • we just stayed there for a day and it was such a different feel altogether – far different from the crowd and hustle of Jaisalmer. I am glad this picture helped you relive some pleasant past memories and maybe you can visit it again :)

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