Puppetry – a dying art !


I think the colorful attire and setup is a very important ingredient of the show, so I am also uploading the color version of the same. It was a very skillful rendition , not just a demonstration of puppet mastery but the accompanying song and music played by equally skilled artisans. Well worth the time and money spent. This one is near the Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer and organized by a group called Desert Cultural Centre (Ranked #15 of 40 things to do in Jaisalmer by Lonely Planet travellers). if you are visiting Jaisalmer or plan to visit, spare aside some time to go check it out (if it still exists then !)



5 thoughts on “Puppetry – a dying art !

  1. I love the sense of movement with the puppet in the middle. I was lucky to explore just a tiny corner of Rajasthan a few autumns ago, but only scratched the surface. Hopefully someday soon… :)

    • Thank you for dropping by and caring to leave your comment. Appreciate it.

      Also glad to hear you had an opportunity to explore Rajasthan. Which parts of Rajasthan did you spend your time in and did you make it to Jaisalmer then ?

      All the best if and when you get another chance :)

    • it is indeed mesmerizing especially when you realize that they are not motor driven but fully manual…there are some families who pass it down their generations as their only source of livelihood.

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