Balsam dotted spring field, cloudy morning


spring for me here for the past few years has been synonymous with tulips (an hour away @Skagit Valley – witnessing the Tulip Festivals) and I was hoping to break that cliché. I had read many good things about this part of the Columbia Gorge and made a day trip to visit the Columbia Hills State Park. The Balsam Root and Lupines were almost at full bloom and it was a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately this place is also very windy and that plays havoc in trying to get a sharp image. I think I ended up boosting up the ISO to 1600 for this one, which added some noise and yet there is wind blur. Now it might be a matter of personal taste, and on second and third look, I have come around to not mind it much and sort of like it. I will dig in to see if I have one without the motion blur.

Also, I suspect I need to do one of those monitor calibration thing I guess. I am seeing a relatively darker version on now, on a different monitor than what I edited on !

Updated the picture as the original was appearing too dark on viewing

17 thoughts on “Balsam dotted spring field, cloudy morning

  1. Lovely shot, Abu, with gorgeous colour and a fence line leading the eye into the distance. Monitors are a pain. I use a MacBook Pro, which, like all Macs makes everything look much better than when viewing on most other monitors. The real problems occur in printing though, and I’ve had disappointments there. Would love to get a static monitor and callibrate it, but it’s not such an easy thing to carry around with us in our car!

    • Thank you Mufidah ! it is a a beautiful location and I should have gone here before, but then ‘better late than never’ :)

      Re: callibration, you are right its more of a concern while printing. while viewing it is given there will be variance.

      How’s your road trip coming along ? I follow it off and on. Right now we are in India and that is also partly why there is no update to the blog for the past few weeks.

  2. Great leading lines to the point of focus! Lovely photo and glad you ID’d these flowers because we saw them recently and were not sure what they were.

  3. I didn’t notice the blur until you mentioned it…that’s how wrapped into the color on this one and especially how the fence line moves you right to the warm twilight. And good luck with the calibration thing. I have one but don’t think it’s really paid off for screens. With so many different monitors with different color gamuts, I find it nearly impossible to get a consistency across screens. On my iMAC, almost everything looks amazing and if I look at the same image on my site from my calibrated monitors at work, it looks different, and then different again on my calibrated monitors at home. Not necessary bad, but different. I have, however, found it to be a great tool for printing. Using it to synch your workspace color profile with the printer profile does yield consistent results.

    • I knew it was important when printing and that is something I haven’t done yet so have always dismissed it as a cost… at some point I will succumb, I just don’t know when :)

  4. Very nice!!! I don’t mind the tiny bit of blur or the darkness. I think it adds to the mood of the scene. It looks a little stormy so I would expect it to be a bit on the darker side. Well done Abu!

  5. Really nice work. The motion blur in the image, in my view, adds to the feel of the moment. It’s a breezy day! I really like the composition, and it does look a little dark in the foreground/mid-ground on my screen too, it is always a problem when sharing digital images.

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