tipsy tulips


Skagit Valley, April 2013

intentional camera move exaggerates the unintentional ‘slow-shutter-speed-without-a-tripod’ effect ( yes that is a made up word). Actually wasn’t too sure this version works very well and even though I edited this a few days ago, wasn’t too keen on putting it up here but here it is. Ah well, the reasoning I used is, it will help be a reference pic to compare against, should I explore this genre, more, going ahead (almost a convincing answer :) )

17 thoughts on “tipsy tulips

  1. Check out Michael Orton and Freeman Patterson’s websites if you haven’t already. They are masters at this effect. I think this works well. After reading the comment about the horizon , maybe it could be less intense, but that is what you chose.

    • interesting you mention that…I would be curious to know why you think so

      I had spent some time contemplating to keep the top portion or not…and in the end decided to keep them. I can see how It reduces the continuity of what would have seemed a more broader swathe of abstractness otherwise ?

  2. I really like this Abu. It’s a super abstract-impressionistic-fun-exaggerated-motion-effect photo. Made that up too. Seriously, this is way cool! Where was it taken?

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