Street Scene – Bari Vecchia


Bari in Puglia was our entry and transit point into Italy. The plan was to cover Alberobello and Matera (Basilicata) and even though these three places are not more than 50 kms apart (roughly form a triangle), it posed some logistics challenge owning to the train situation there. There is a train line from Bari to Alberobello and another from Bari to Matera but there is no train connectivity between Alberobello and Matera. Okay so this data isn’t really relevant here as we are talking about Bari.

This picture is taken very close to our B&B in the Old section of the Bari (referred to as Bari Vecchia) which was an amazing introduction to Italy. If it helps and for archival reasons, the place we stayed was hosted by Gianni – SANTA MARIA DEL BUON CONSIGLIO . In this picture it is the first room to the right of the lady with the broom. The columns and partial courtyard that is visible to the right, happen to be the remains of an old monastery of the colonnades of 11th Century. With so much history and an amazing vibe to the place, Bari Vecchia was a great way for us to get introduced to Italy

10 thoughts on “Street Scene – Bari Vecchia

    • yes we stayed here…right in the middle of the old city…even though there were mixed reviews. Some folks apparently thought it wasn’t very safe. we were walking around at midnight and never once felt uncomfortable !

      I hope the photos to follow, won’t disappoint you either :)

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