Sassi di Matera


So sometimes you spend hours scouting the perfect location and then wait for the perfect lighting to take that one picture the way you want to. Or sometimes you just walk out of your room after you check-in to your hotel and the scene presents itself :)

I would take this any day and hope luck smiles more often. Matera was undoubtedly the highlight of our Italian trip and it so happened that the best lighting was in the first 20 minutes of when we reached. There was a thunderstorm and this was just a few minutes after it partially cleared. Amazing place with an amazing history. And I have to thank the Silician Housewife for recommending this absolutely gorgeous place !

13 thoughts on “Sassi di Matera

  1. Stunning panorama!
    I agree, it’s hard to decide whether the colour or black and white photo looks better. As a photo the B&W may have more impact, but one of the key elements of my memories of Sassi was the colour of the stone, so that makes me prefer the colour version!
    I’ve only just got back home and onto my own computer (at long last!) so I’ll be doing more browsing of your lovely photos soon! :)

    • Yes that color and the blue (skies) go very well together, for some reason (possibly scientific reason, maybe? ). Jaisalmer in Rajasthan was similar color wise. Glad to hear from you and hope you enjoy the pictures !

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