Faces on the Street – Agra


cricket lover, Agra Fort, July 2013

Do you think he resembles any cricketer you know ? I thought he did…bearing an uncanny similarity to an international cricketer . the hat was no coincidence either and he had a smile, bigger than this on his before-camera face . I won’t complain much though, as he still smiled, which is a rarity as I have found very few cases when asking somebody for a photo yielded anything close to how beautiful their smile was, before.

With portraits I have tried quite a few different processing techniques over the years. This, gritty looking version is what I’ve ended up liking more than others. What is your personal portrait preference and why ? If you would like to share, I would love the feedback.

4 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Agra

  1. i don’t know much about portrait styles but I like the detail you get in your black and white studies that show texture , line and a person’s character.The quality and depth of tones in the black and white portrait stands out to me as well.

  2. In general, I prefer portraits where the subject doesn’t smile. I think most people, when smiling for a photo shoot, put on a ‘cheesy’ sort of artificial smile, using mainly their mouths.

    I like portraits where the person is smiling with their eyes, not mouths – it can be hard to capture, but when you do, the whole portrait lights up.

    • that is indeed a great point..when you can get the eyes to speak and/or get something close to how they truly are… I believe that requires some skill on the photographer beyond just knowing the camera geek..

      thanks for sharing !

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