Matera – bianco e nero


here is the same photo in color . Difficult for me to judge but which one do you like more ? personally I think, the clouds come out better here in the monochrome version. As for the details of where this was taken and what an amazing place it is, check out the previous post which has links .

15 thoughts on “Matera – bianco e nero

  1. I vote colour (I nearly always do :) ) Not that there is a huge amount of colour in the other, but to me you have an exaggerated degree of drama in this because of the black and white contrast. I was happy with the “real” sky, but I’d be awfully proud to have produced this shot in either medium.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective. There is definitely an exaggerated degree of drama and this version brings it more, but the sky was actually very dramatic – almost unreal :)

  2. Superb shot. And I agree. The B&W is even more striking!
    Not able to locate the related article on the Siciliangodmother’s site. Would you have a link?

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