Fontana del Pincio, Montagnola Park, Bologna, Italy


Montagnola: nymph and horse in battle against the octopus, Bologna, June 2013

With a few hours to kill in Bologna, this was an accidental discovery while walking along Via Dell’ Iindependenza from the Bologna Centrale (Central Train Station) to Piazza Magiore. This is a small park with beautiful steps and a fountain that was right by the side of the road, with modern buses and cars plying by. Quite fascinating actually and very picturesque. Only later did I found out the names and that it is more than a century old.

Updated the previous version of the picture, not happy viewing on a different monitor , needed a bit more contrast. was more grey than B&W

9 thoughts on “Fontana del Pincio, Montagnola Park, Bologna, Italy

  1. So beautiful, Italy is so rich with culture, would be an amazing place to visit. I like the blue tint in the photo but can picture the golden hue in the last rays of the sun as mentioned by Suzanne..

    • Yes, that light would add more drama. So I was here early morning (~7 AM) which meant the light was to the left and behind. At sunset, the light would be to the right and slightly in front meaning slanting golden light on it :)

      If you don’t mind, is the blue tint on the picture a bit too much ? I ask that because I do get the Toning occasionally wrong, especially across monitors.

      • It brought to mind the cyanotype preset in Lightroom or blue filters. I don’t think that it is a bit much, I like it, just a different way of expression. I do admit that I have always been attracted to cool pallets.It is a matter of opinion and i am sure you will have as many differences in opinion as people who look at the work.Check out Darwin Wiggett’s landscapes using his gold and blue lens

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