from the archives – camel cart, Agra


sepia-tone, Agra, June 2013

sepia-toned photographs from the early era fascinate me and wanted to try the conversion to a situation where it makes sense. This one seems to come close.

If you drive to Agra , you will find these camel cart drivers vying to get your attention and to take you to the Taj Entrance. It is a haggling experience, and to be honest the walking time is a mere ten minutes, give or take, but it is a fine ride to try.

6 thoughts on “from the archives – camel cart, Agra

  1. I think that this toning works well on this shot. I always find it difficult to decide between colour and monochrome, particularly when there are vibrant colours in the original, as I suspect there may have been in this photo.

    • oh the expressions on the faces are the highlight…. I wasn’t looking then, as my focus was totally on trying to get a non blurry picture of the fast moving camel

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