Scale & Geometry – Humayun’s Maqbara


@ Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi, July 2013

You might want to give the photograph above a careful look. It might not be what you initially thought it was :)

humayun's tomb

Here’s a quick tip for visitors to Delhi who don’t have a local guide and yet don’t want to rough it out in the crowded buses and haggling auto rickshaws. You want to explore the amazing collection of Historical and Cultural monuments (which Delhi has plenty), try the Hop On Hop Off Bus service – . I am a DIY sort of traveler and prefer to have the freedom to choose the places I go and the pace at which I go, which is why I don’t bother to give organized tours a look. I tried this option only because I had limited time (an afternoon) to get an overview of the places before carefully choosing my stop overs.
My verdict: excellent option for a very reasonable price  ( ~ 5 US Dollars, but that price might be inflated for foreigners in India – don’t ask me why as this never made any sense ).

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