Faces on the Street – FatehPur Sikri


Candid, FatehPur Sikri, March 2010

Highly recommended side trip from Agra is the city of Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO World Heritage site. I spend only a few hours here and made some interesting portraits that day. More pictures from the series and some more specifically from FatehPur Sikri

*Update* – there is always something interesting to find by mining old pictures. I realized that I had posted the exact same portrait about 3 years ago. Here’s that version

18 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – FatehPur Sikri

    • Thank you .. Re: composition…I’ve read countless literature on composition but learnt the most by experiments, accidents and trying different things !

      I appreciate your dropping by my blog and promise to come see as soon as I am back from travel. Happy Holidays and Happy new Year !

  1. Abu,
    Your shots tell such a story, just beautiful. It makes me want to just sit with this man and listen to the life he has composed.

  2. Stunning portrait (and I like the blurred outline of the person in the background as it puts the man’s head in context without too much distraction).

  3. So thoughtful. So much life in this picture, with the sharp person with the strong exptression, and the other diffused in the background. A very good one!. I also like the soft, earthy colours to go with it.

    • Thanks Frank … you are right about his face having a lot of character, mystery and basically something that makes you look. I took this 3 years ago and there are not many photos of 3 years ago that I would revisit :)

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