El Mariachi – I

El Mariachi

Street Performer, Centro Histórico de Guanajuato, Dec ‘2013

13 thoughts on “El Mariachi – I

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      • I was there in January 2013 for 3 weeks. I absolutely fell in love. Right now, I want so much to go back and just walk those streets again, or just sit on the stairs of the theatre, watching people go by. It’s an amazing city, as I’m sure you’ve come to learn. Three nights is hardly enough! I’m sure you’ll return, right?

        I’ve shared a few words and photos on my blog about Gto, neither of which do the place any justice! http://wp.me/p45lUk-3W

        • yes its a gem of a place especially photogenic with myriad of opportunities. You bet, there will be more visits :)

          I really liked your photo set on Guanajuato

  2. Stunning image. It portrays all the fine detail (including the background), but still ensures the musician stands out in the frame.

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