Diego – the anthropologist


The world can indeed be a small place. It was coincidence, when I found this street singer’s photograph (posted herealso show up in a fellow blogger’s post. But what are the odds of it happening a second time around. Guanajuato is not a small place either !

Anyways, to read more about Diego – in a different mood go here . To me it has got to be the same person or am I mistaken ?

ps: these two photographs of Diego are almost a year apart – Jan ’13 and Dec ’13

6 thoughts on “Diego – the anthropologist

    • we have a bit of a situation here – your coincidence is a coincidence of the same coincidence :)

      And I agree about his face – something very interesting about it. I also liked the fact that he did not put on a smile.as does happen quite often in these circumstances.

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