You photograph something for two reasons – for what it is and for what else it is  — Minor White

I began photographing for the first reason and hope to transition to the other, sooner than later.

Late entrant to serious photography. For a vast majority of my life and up till 2008 I was not aware of its existence. It all began, 4 years ago, when, one rainy weekend in Hyderabad India, I undertook a week-long Bike (motor ) trip from the east(almost) to west coast of India (Hyderabad to Goa). The Monsoons were in their full flurry in India then, when it really pours, when the earth is green and everything is fresh and rejuvenating to senses.I had borrowed a pocket point and shoot camera from a friend,attached it to the strings of my ID card and put it around my neck. For the next few days I took photos of the places I saw as I drove into the heart of India passing through countless villages and towns and vast open fields and valleys and hills. Most of the photos were technically crappy. My technique and skills might have improved today but the passion and inspiration continues to be the same. That trip I think roughly marks my transition when i first began to look at photographs as something I would like to have more to do with.

I purchased a used Canon XTI DSLR and a couple of lenses and armed with the knowledge acquired by reading a few  thousand books I embarked on a new journey. I went out, took a ton of photos, came back disappointed, read some more , went out some more and this cycle continues to date. Most of what i know today comes from good old-fashioned trial and error.

At the time I began this blog, about a year ago I had no idea on what type or genre of photos I would be interested in and that is still true to this date. I’ve always loved travelling and a camera in my bag gives me all the more reasons to continue doing so. Join me in exploring this visual journey captured here in this blog. Feel free to drop in your comments, critique or email me questions or suggestions. I am always curious to know why you liked or did not like any photo and learn more about life and photos.

Nature and landscape photos were always close to my heart, but capturing Street and Life in general has got me very interested at the moment. I also understand that in this genre, I will end up posting photos of ‘real’ people in the Street and most of them without taking their explicit permissions. I intend to present my portrait subjects with the same dignity that I would any of my friends or known ones but if you happen to see yourself up here (or somebody you know) that you are not comfortable with, just let me know and I will take it down. Street photography is a subject that a lot of people have strong opinions on. I don’t have any hard and fast rule yet. If you disagree or have an opinion on something, I would love to hear them

For questions regarding the use of my work, commission inquiries or general questions please contact me at abuzar.79@gmail.com


103 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for dropping by and i hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you !

      I see that you are a travel addict so wishing you happy travels for wherever the next destination is :)

  1. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog :) Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you stopped by and left your generous comment. I have briefly looked at your work and its amazing. You have published to 1x which for me so far has been an elusive dream :)

    • Thank you for your kind words. I think you are a paparazzi therefore I am following your blog ;) j/k , I am following because because there is something there that interests me and is unique. I look forward to your future posts too !

    • thank you Kavita for your kind words for me and my blog ! very surprised but pleased :)

      It might take me a while to get to the rules of the award but I will get back on it one of these days !

    • Thank you and nice to meet you too. I promise to get back to checking out your posts as soon as I can make some time. Speaking of which, It’s been ages since I uploaded any photos, so hopefully this gets me to revisit and restart my own posts too :)

  2. Just been looking at some of your pictures here and am so impressed , beautiful pictures and so much variety , looking forward in seeing more so followed :D


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    • Thank you so much for your feedback Milhao. I am glad you liked the photos and showed your appreciation.
      I will drop by your blog to go through in detail , as I only looked at it briefly and loved some of your photographs very much !

    • Thank you for dropping by and your appreciation. I briefly looked at your work and you have a great body of work yourself. I will be checking it out in the future for updates..

  4. I’ve always loved taking pictures, but since my first journey to Egypt and my Nikon Coolpix, I decided to start focusing on travel photography. I upgraded a bit with a Fuji and will upgrade once I feel I’ve gotten to know this camera.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Zully(if that’s your first name) for taking the time to go through some of my posts and your likes and comments. I truly believe the best camera is the one that is with you when you need one. What you said is the right approach – getting used to a camera is probably going to serve you best before trying to move onto the next. I briefly looked at your blog and loved your spirit of adventure and travelling. It is something I am passionate about too. All the best for your upcoming Egypt trip. I will be following your trip through your blog. See you later. Cheers – abu

  5. Hi, Abu. I can’t tell you how grateful I was for your thoughtful feedback and comments on my photographs. It really means so much that you would take the time to do that for me. I am so moved by the images you have posted on your blog and can see I have a great deal to learn from you. I will eagerly be following your blog and look forward to future posts! All best wishes to you! Melanie

    • Melanie, I am glad to know that you liked my blog and the feeling is mutual. I loved the themes you explored (especially the ice bubble abstracts) and looking forward to your future posts and more of such creative endeavors.

  6. Your site has such a fabulous collection of photos. The range is amazing and the individual pieces inspirational. Part of our group is currently based in Kerala, and we can totally relate to how the monsoon season can alter one’s perspectives on the world around them. And I couldn’t agree more about experimentation…http://raxacollective.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/sand-scripture/
    Congrats on the Fresh Pressing and good luck in your future work!

    • Thank you for visiting and browsing through my blog posts and I am glad you liked them. Monsoon season is a fortune changer in a country like India so it is not surprising if it has a big hand in initiating my journey. Kerala is a beautiful place to witness first hand and all the best in your endeavors too !

  7. Congrats you having been Freshly-Pressed :) I may not have the authority to say ‘You’ve got talent man’ [but i’d say it], bkoz im not a photographer, i dnt know nthng abt it infact. Good going

  8. Great story of how you discovered your passion for photography. Like you I am reading, shooting, reading, shooting (you know the cycle) and along the way I have been greatly surprised by some of the shots I have captured along with disappointed in others. This is the life of a photographer. From what I can tell it is a life long learning experience. Here’s to try and try again and to those fantastic shots you finally manage to get. Happy shooting!

    • Amy, first of all thank you for stopping by and glad you liked the story of how it all began.It has been a wonderful journey and I can relate to it when you mention the joys and tribulations of the whole journey.some days are rewarding and some not but I think with each passing day we learn something new and hopefully learn a bit more about ourselves and the world around us

  9. Abu you better…you have some really nice stuff here. I think being self taught like you has is advantages. We have developed our own style and vision and by trial and error the learning process will stick with you. Makes it more fun too!! Oh yeah…I told my wife that I found this great photographer and we even look alike.
    She said “great minds.”

    • thanks David for making my life more difficult. Now i have one more person’s expectations to live upto :).

      I am with you in that self learning adds to the experience because at the end of the day, each of us should work towards having our own individual perspective.Boy what a thrill that was when i shot my first 30 seconds night exposure (along with the many other firsts subsequently)

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